Prerogative Kitchen Review

When we were in Red Lodge we went to a restaurant called Prerogative Kitchen. It was one of the best restaurants that I have ever been to! They only do a la carte (no sides served with the food, except for the kids meals). When we got there it was a little busy, but someone came over to explain how you order right away. We ordered and payed for our food and then sat down. We ended up getting Mini Steak with carrots (Me), Sliders with fries (Kasen), Burger (my dad), Risotto Sliders (my mom), edamame with umami sauce, a salad, fries, and Brussels sprouts. If I had to rank the food it would be like this

  1. Brussel sprouts

  2. Risotto sliders

  3. Edamame

  4. Mini steak

  5. Burger

  6. Sliders

  7. Fries (they came with a really good aioli dipping sauce)

  8. Salad

You might be wondering why I gave the Brussel sprouts #1. The reason is that they came fried with a spicy-sweet sauce, gorgonzola and micro greens. The sauce caught me off guard because I was not expecting it to be spicy, so all of the sudden my mouth was burning, but I couldn't stop eating them. They were so good! The reason my mom got the Brussel sprouts is because she had read a review saying they were the best things that that person had ever ate, and I agree. They were that good! After we finished our dinner we decided we might as well get the dessert. We did not regret getting dessert, that's for sure! They had 2 desserts (3 if you count the gluten free version of one) and we got both, they were amazing. Okay, okay is the suspense killing you? You probably really want to know what we got. We got a sticky toffee pudding with cream and a blueberry cobbler with lavender ice cream. It was a very good restaurant and I would highly recommend it if you are in the Red Lodge area. They have good service, good food, and just a good restaurant in all.