All About Us

How it all began..

"Well, why not?"

This was the end decision after a long conversation between Kyle and myself way back in February. Knowing we had a unique opportunity due to a variety of circumstances (including the pandemic, selling our house in Seattle, and moving to eastern Washington) we both decided that we should seize this opportunity and do something a little different. Travel has always been a love of ours and so when ideas were discussed we kept circling back to a trip. With pandemic upheaval still uncertain, we decided to keep our travels domestic and dreamt up an epic road trip around the entire continental United States. Once the idea was planted, it didn't take long for a route to begin to take shape. We got the kids involved, asking them places they'd like to visit (Disney World, San Francisco, and New York were amongst the top choices). As details started filling in, excitement also began to grow and before we knew it, our first AirBnB was booked. We haven't looked back since!

We do realize how privileged we are to take this trip and that is not lost on us. We understand this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we hope you enjoy following along on this adventure with us!